Pizza de Dados

About Pizza de Dados

Pizza de Dados is an initiative of 3 data science enthusiasts who used to discuss career, links, and advice. The desire to learn more and share knowledge was common to all and the absence of a Portuguese channel to address these issues led to the idea of forming the Pizza de Dados.

The name is a kind of “tribute” to the repository, which soon became a reference for data science studies in Portuguese.

Made with ease by people with many projects, Pizza de dados have three primary rules:

  1. Let's do it while it's fun for everyone;
  2. We will not do it by pressure (dates, publication, frequency);
  3. Not all original pizzaiolos should be in one episode.

We hope you have fun, give us feedback, and learn a bit!


Learn a little more about the voices in the podcast.

Leticia Portella

foto da Lele Portella

Leticia is a passionate oceanographer who has figured out how to unite her background and passion in one area: data science. She enjoys writing technical texts, learning about new places, and collects theories of Ice and Fire Chronicles in her spare time.


Jessica Temporal

foto da Jess Temporal

Jessica is a Senior Developer Advocate at Auth0, working daily using Python to help developers ensure identity security in their applications.


Ana Cecília Vieira

foto da Gust Coelho

Ana Cecília is a data analyst specializing in open data, feminist, anti-racist and enthusiast of the themes: open data, open code and self-managed communities as an instrument for social transformation.


A family sized Pizza

This diverse group studies data science to save the world!


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